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For many immigrants, the reality is that there may always be a sense of uncertainty until they become full citizens of the United States. Even as permanent residents, there can be a fear that some mishap, such as facing even minor criminal charges, may lead to their deportation.

By the time most people are eligible to become U.S. citizens, they have built full lives here that often include family, friends, a career and possibly owning their own homes or other property. Many of these people have made a significant investment in the United States and being a part of the fabric of this country. It's only natural, that they want to secure that investment and make their status in the U.S. permanent.

People are eligible to become U.S. citizens when they meet the following requirements:

Having been a permanent resident for at least five years (three years if married to a U.S. citizen)

Meet the physical presence requirement

Pass English literacy and U.S. civics test

Meet the good moral character requirements

It is essential that you make sure that your application for U.S. citizenship avoids any errors. The process has many pitfalls that may not be clear to someone without knowledge and experience. If a mistake is made, it can lead to years of delay, or in a worst-case scenario, possible deportation (for instance, if there are prior misrepresentations or criminal convictions).

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At Preston & Brar LLC, our firm welcomes the opportunity to help people cross that final bridge in their immigration process. Becoming a U.S. citizen is a milestone for individuals and their families. We are always happy to lend our skill and experience to ensure that people's citizen

applications proceed smoothly. Our firm is focused on building rigorous applications that identify and neutralize potential issues that could create problems for an applicant.

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