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Becoming a Permanent Resident of the United States (having a “green card”) is a major step in the immigration process. But, getting Permanent Residence can be a difficult and complex process. The experienced immigration attorneys at Preston & Brar can help you successfully navigate the process of getting your Green Card.

The process of getting Permanent Residence depends on whether you are already in the U.S. or will be applying for an immigrant visa abroad. As experienced immigration attorneys, we can help you with either getting your Green Card in the U.S. or through consular processing getting an immigrant visa to enter the U.S.

The three most-commonly used ways for getting Permanent Residence (“Green Card”) are:

Marriage based

Family Based

Employment based


Marriage Based Application For Permanent Residence/Green Card

A person married to a U.S. citizen or a Permanent Resident can obtain their Green Card based on Marriage.If the foreign spouse is not in the U.S., an immigrant visa petition can be processed so that s/he can

enter the U.S. as an immigrant (Permanent Resident). We can help you through the entire process of getting the Green Card in the U.S. or the consular processing of immigrant visa abroad.

Family Based Application For Permanent Residence (“Green Card”)

U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents can file a Green Card petition for certain family members. Applications sponsored by immediate relatives (spouses, parents and unmarried children under the age of 21) have no waiting time, while petitions from other family members are in based on a preference system that puts them in a queue for a visa number. Experienced immigration attorneys at Preston & Brar, can help you guide through the entire process of getting Permanent Residence/Green Card through family.

Employment Petition For Lawful Permanent Residence

Foreign nationals can obtain their Permanent Residence/Green Card based on offer of permanent employment in the U.S. Before applying for Green Card, the employer has to obtain the Labor Certification. The PERM Labor Certification process can be complex and overwhelming for some employers. Experienced Immigration attorneys at Preston & Brar have helped many small and large employers successfully navigate the PERM process and obtain Labor Certifications for employees in various occupations.

Certain qualified foreign nationals in the Employment-based first preference (EB-1) category can obtain their Green Card without first getting a Labor Certification, and can in self-petition for Green Card without an offer of

employment. Contact the attorneys at Preston & Brar for a consultation regarding employment-based Permanent Residence.

Lawful Permanent Residence For Refugees And Asylees

Foreign nationals who escape persecution in their home come country can within one year of entry into U.S. apply for asylum. A person who is granted asylum or who enters the U.S. as a refugee, or as a qualifying family member of an asylee can apply for a Green Card. We have represented people from many countries in getting their asylum in the U.S.

Special Adjustment Programs For Lawful Permanent Residence

There are additional “special adjustment programs” which provide certain people the opportunity of getting Permanent Residence in the U.S.

Examples of this include:

Victims of Crimes

Victims of Human Trafficking

Cuban Nationals

Haitian Refugees

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