Green Card Through Marriage
Marriage Green Card Lawyers

U.S. citizens and permanent residents can apply to obtain permanent residence for their spouses, but there are potential complications that can derail the process. If your foreign-born spouse has been in the country illegally, or has any criminal history, has ever made a misrepresentation to the immigration (for instance, in a visa application) - these matters need expert attention. But even in straight-forward cases, one small error in the paperwork can cause serious delays, or even result in a wrongful denial.

Spouse And Fiancée Visas

Our firm is skilled at helping people present effective applications to USCIS for green cards based on marriage.

We also assist those who want to bring a fiancé or spouse into the United States. We help people secure the K-1 and K-3 visas they need to bring their spouses and fiancés to the United States.

Waivers For Illegal Presence

We also assist people with securing waviers when their spouse has been in the United States illegally. Even when such a person is married to a U.S. citizen, they must remain outside the U.S. for ten years before they can even apply for a green card. An approved waiver allows a person to avoid this 10-year penalty. A waiver is an essential part of the process for those who have a spouse who entered the country illegally.

Does Your Spouse Have Children?

If your spouse has children, we can apply for them to come to the United States as well.

More Than 30 Years Of Combined Experience Working To Fight For Our Clients

At Preston & Brar LLC, we are committed to helping couples come together in the United States. Our extensive experience allows us to assist couples through the process of securing a green card or visa. Successful navigation of the process is essential especially when the issue is being able to be with your spouse or fiancée in the United States.

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